The Dumbest Advice About Technology I’ve Ever Received at My Small Business

Lou and his brother Larry (real guys, different names) are two of the greatest penny-pinching business owners I know – and I’ve known them for going on twenty years. They run a small, 30-person company in Pennsylvania that manufactures custom industrial equipment for the food industry. The business was started by their grandfather after World War II and continues to be profitable today.

When Employee Trips Turn Into Nightmares

Incentive trips, conferences and other types of employee travel are common ways for employers to train, reward and motivate their best employees and managers. But off-site work events can also be a legal land mine. From injuries to assaults to alcohol-related incidents, your small business needs workers’ comp coverage to be prepared for the various issues that can surface on work-sponsored trips—and potentially lead to costly lawsuits.

The Business Risks of Workplace Bullying (and 4 Ways Managers Can Stop It)

Remember those childhood bullies who taunted their peers on the playground? Well many of them are now grown and wreaking havoc in workplaces across the country.

A 2014 survey published by the Workplace Bullying Institute in Bellingham, Wash., found that 65.6 million workers in the United States have been affected by bullying, and that many employers still fail to fully address reported mistreatment and abusive conduct by managers and co-workers.

According to Dr. Lisa Barrow, author of In Darkness Light Dawns: Exposing Workplace Bullying, unresolved workplace conflicts can take a huge toll on employee health and productivity.

Plan Ahead So Weather Doesn’t Keep Your Business

Whether a weather disaster comes as flood, hail, high winds, lightning or something else, the result for about one in four of small businesses affected is the same — they never reopen. That’s according to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IIBHS), a Tampa-based industry organization that researches ways to manage disaster risks.

10 Tips to Prevent Data Theft for Your Small Business

All businesses face the risk of data breach, but recent studies indicate that small businesses are particularly susceptible. According to a 2016 report from the Ponemon Institute, 50 percent of smaller organizations surveyed experienced a data breach in the previous 12 months. New research by Symantec found that small businesses were victim to 43 percent of cyber attacks in 2015, up from 18 percent in 2011.

5 Organizational Tools for Entreprenuers

Entrepreneurs are always on the move. In fact, perpetual motion seems like a pre-requisite for success in modern startup culture. If youʼre not innovating, youʼre stagnating. Thatʼs why savvy small business owners know that building a business requires more than a great idea. It requires actionable goals and persistent execution.

Three Reasons to Move Your Accounting to the Cloud

The era of accounting with big clunky downloaded desktop applications or even clunkier spreadsheets is over. Finally.

Last Minute Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

Tax time is upon us. Every year, millions of American business leave tax credits on the table. These small business tax tips can help ensure you consider some of the credits and deductions you are entitled to – and ensure that now and in the years to come you are prepped and ready for tax season.

Know Someone Who Runs Personal Expenses Through Their Small Business?

Tax Strategist or Tax Evader?

C’mon…admit it. You know someone who’s done it.

5 Tips for Handling Money As A Startup

How to handle your money as the owner of a startup is one of the first business decisions you face — even before you’re actually making any money. Why? According to credit insurance broker Credit & Business Finance (CBF), lack of cash flow is one of the biggest reasons that small businesses fold — even if they appear to be profitable on paper. Here are a few tips on handling money as a startup.