Being Present During Busy Season by Amy Vetter

It’s that time of year again: long nights at the office, a seemingly infinite inbox, lunch and sometimes dinner at your desk. It’s easy to have an out of body experience when you’re sitting at your desk for upwards of 10 hours every day. Remaining present during what is a busy and stressful time is key in order to avoid burnout and ensure quality work. Here’s how you can do so.

7 Free Ways to Market Your Small Business

Traditional advertising costs money, sometimes big money. Printed ads, radio spots, magazine spreads, billboards and online banners are ubiquitous, but may not be as effective as marketing that doesn’t cost you a dime. Here are a few tactics to invest in, not in terms of dollars, just in terms of a little time.

How to Create Engaged Employees (Even if You’re a Small Shop)

What costs business leaders more than $2,000 per employee per year in lost productivity? A disengaged staff that underproduces and seldom innovates.

Employee disengagement is serious business.

3 Reasons Why Your Business Plan is Useless… And How to Make it Better

Are you putting together a business plan? Well, good luck with that. I’ve seen lots of business plans over the past few decades that have been prepared by many well-meaning business owners for themselves, their bankers and their investors. Just about all of them have been useless.

Want to know why? It’s almost always one or more of the following three reasons.

12 Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow

Managing cash flow is the lifeblood of every small business. Your work may reward you in ways that aren’t about money at all, but if the cash flowing in doesn’t exceed the cash flowing out, you’ll probably be in trouble before long.

7 Surprisingly Simple Tricks to Get More Done…and They’re Backed by Science!

Getting stuff done and being more productive as a small business owner doesn’t have to be complicated. And when a change requires little effort, it’s easier to stick with than one that requires a lot of preparation or special tools. In fact, you’ll find that some of these productivity-boosters are simple enough to try as soon as you’re finished reading this, and their effectiveness is backed by science. So here are seven simple tricks to becoming more productive – starting now.

6 Things the Most Successful Business Owners Do First Thing in the Morning

Front loading your day with the most important activities on your to-do list can have a huge impact on your small business and your effectiveness as a leader. Here are six activities you can do at the start of your day to improve your life as a small business owner:

Last Minute Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

Tax time is upon us. Every year, millions of American business leave tax credits on the table. These small business tax tips can help ensure you consider some of the credits and deductions you are entitled to – and ensure that now and in the years to come you are prepped and ready for tax season.

Are You Paying Yourself Enough as a Small Business Owner?

Are you paying yourself enough?

3 Easy Ways to Take Your Small Business Paperless

More and more businesses are moving toward going totally paperless. And aside from the slight learning curve and minor upfront investment in time and money, there’s practically no downside to running a paperless business. A paperless business enables you to: